Stephen Klassen - Visual Artist

Temporal Habitations

This new series of work arises out of the interplay of two different elements. I begin by imbedding small carved wood pieces into oak panels. The surface of the panels is then carved in response to the shape of the inlayed objects. The small pieces often retain curves and irregularities of their arboreal origin. This contrasts with the industrially produced linearity of the recycled table tops I use for the panels. For me the work refers to the interaction between structures created by living things, both human and non, and the landscape that sustains them. The living spaces that we animals create are at the same time alien to and yet of the land. We are constantly remaking the earth while simultaneously being shaped by it. This work continues and expands the idea of emigration I explored in my recent “Itinerant Objects” series. It investigates the complexity of struggling to build identity within a reality of permanent impermanence.